Gait Analysis and Insole Fitting

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Do you ever feel as though your body is misaligned? Do you feel you lean more to one side? Do you have a "stronger" side? Is one side of your body always prone to injuries and niggles? Then a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis could be vital to underpinning the causes of these problems.

A biomechanical assessment involves an in depth and complex evaluation of your pelvis, knees, ankles and feet. It takes into account how your weight load is transferred through your joints and bones and how these interact with your working muscles, tendons and fascia.

When combining this weight transfer with gait, poor posture, biomechanical issues and forces such as velocity and gravity, injuries can easily occur. It is vital we discover these underlying biomechanical issues, in order to help treat these injuries and more importantly stop them from re-occurring.

Here at SSIC we provide biomechanical analysis assessment with the latest video software to assess your movement and gait, in stationery, standing, sitting and throughout a variety of different sporting movements if required. We can break this footage down into phases and analysis how your body works and any imbalances within the joints and bones.

Instability within your ankles, knees and hips can put extra strain and pressure upon your bones, tendons and ligaments causing pain and irritation. Your sub- talar joint within the ankle complex is vital in distributing these forces evenly throughout the body. If the axis of the sub- talar joint is off balance, this can have consequential effects elsewhere.

At SSIC we make and fit personalised insoles to aid rehabilitation and as a prehabilitation method. Correcting these imbalances is just as vital for individuals with poor posture working at a desk or in manual labour, to elite athletes.

Common injuries linked to biomechanical issues are; Bursitis, tendinitis, tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, patella femoral pain, low back pain, and muscular strains.

We offer sporting analysis to individuals of all standards whether sport is a hobby, you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete. A small change to technique and foot positioning can give you the vital edge.

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Biomechanics and Gait Analysis