Stansfield Sports Injury Clinic (SSIC)

Bolton's Leading Sports Injury Specialists

Here at Stansfield Sports Injury Clinic, we care about your recovery...

Our aim is to treat your symptoms and look at the cause and Biomechanics behind it to prevent it from happening again. The pain and discomfort of a sports injury or poor working posture can be debilitating for many. The demands and stress of work or sporting competition are challenging enough without having to hold an injury.

There is no need to suffer! Your health and well being is crucial to your success, and we aim to get you "back on the road" or "back at the desk" as soon as possible.

If your condition requires a scan or surgery we will liaise on your behalf with the UK's leading Orthopaedic Surgeons and Specialists whether you're a private or NHS patient. We ensure all parties involved in your recovery have the right information they need to work towards your recovery.

Unlike many clinics, SSIC is unique in the skills and experiences they have acquired to deliver a premier service for its clients. With over 12 years specialising in Musculoskeletal and Sports Injury, registration with the Society of Sports Therapists (MSST), the British Association of Sports Rehabilitation and Trainers (BASRaT),the British Association of Sports and Exercise Scientists (BASES), and specialised Acupuncture training for Musculoskeletal conditions.

SSIC specialises in the treatment of Ultra Endurance Athletes competing in Ultra Marathons, Ironman, Triathlons, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Football and are proud of our growing and aspiring young athletes achieving their best as we support them throughout their careers.

The experience with elite athletes has allowed us to fully understand the ultimate demands placed on the body during sport and working life. We treat each patient as an individual. Each patient and their hobby, job or sport is as important as the next.

We have treated and continue to support Wigan Warriors Rugby League, England Rugby League, Blackburn Rovers, GB Runners and Sprinters, GB Boxers, British Cycling athletes, Ironman UK and many more.

SSIC brings the experiences of working with some of the world’s leading physiques to everyday people.

We care and we understand the demands.

Bex Rimmington - Professional Cyclist
Kyle Eastmond - Rugby
Rick Godding - Boxer